Kenzor and AiyvaN leave our main roster and go to the reserve!

Leonard and Ivan for two years represented our team on CS:GO. In this period, we had both victories and defeats, and we were very pleased that they represented the honor of our team. Everyone noticed that the development of our team has stopped. And to move on, it was decided to revise roster. In the coming weeks, PRO100 plans to review players for the new roles.

                                Comment COO of the organization pro100 Nesvit Bogdan:

Over the course of the reincarnation of the organisation, we experienced the least satisfying results during the Major qualification cycle. Naturally, this performance led us to the logical conclusion that the organisation needs serious adjustments, from operational changes to changes within the starting roster.

The result of this was several difficult decisions:
1. We part ways with Kenzor. Leo is one of those guys who played pro100 from the very first roster. He is bright as a player and his personality, but the probability of further cooperation is close to zero.
2. Ivan has been put on standby. AiyvaN has been in the team for almost 2 years, but we are not sure that further cooperation with him will be productive.
3. The team coach was fired and a new one was hired.
4. We have already started looking for new players

It was not easy for everyone to accept the fact of such painful changes, but all the best changes come through pain. Thank you for your patience to our fans and partners from 1xBet, wait for the next announcements, we will try not to disappoint you and will continue to work for success.