Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that I’m joining the pro100 family! Family, because I want to have such a relationship with the team. In my opinion - a lot of teams are lacking unity. Everyone has highs and lows, but every team should be able to take the hit and never give up. I try to share my experience with the guys and develop their mental strength, I teach them to support each other in any situation, take the initiative in their hands when their teammate needs it, as everything else (such as individual skill) is present within the guys. A lot of work awaits ahead, but me an the team are ready for it. Special thanks to Zeus for his trust and for giving me this opportunity. Also, big thanks to the players for their feedback and will to improve, and of course respect to all who cheers for and support pro100! Let’s do this!

CEO/Founder pro100 Mikhail Kharkovskiy:

We are happy to see Mikhail in our squad. We have high hopes for him, and we can see the progress already. Choosing a coach was hard, we had a lot of worthy candidates which contained some well known personalities. We want to thank everyone for their will to work with us and the time spent. Mikhail will focus on preparing for the next Minor, from which we expect only the 1st place. 

COO/Founder pro100 Bogdan Nesvit:

We made a lot of progress to «fill» the position of the coach. Our organization understands how important it is to have someone in this role. During the process of picking the coach, we paid attention not only to professional, but personal qualities of the candidates. Mikhail was the one who fit everyone. I wish him patience and great results. I’m hopeful that he will fulfill the teams expectations. Welcome!

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