The first game on qualifications for Toyota Master Bangkok 2018 was against the team Chremical Rush and we finish it with a score of [16-2] on the Inferno map!


We defeat team Nemiga with the score [16-10] on the Inferno map and go to 1/8 of the open qualifications!


We defeat the ICBW team on the Mirage map with the score [16-3]
We pass to the semifinals to the team ATLANTS!


We defeat team ATLANTS on Dust 2 with a score of [16-12]
Next mirage


We defeat on the second map with the score [16-9]
Tomorrow we will play in the final against Team Spirit for a slot at Toyota Master Bangkok!


We lose on the first map with a crushing score [2-16]
Our guys need to get very tough on the next map and pick it up!


We defeat on the second map with the score [16-13]
The decisive map is Inferno!


On the decisive map, we defeat Team Spirit with the score [16-6] and get our deserved slot on  Toyota Master Bangkok 2018!
Thank you all for your support and for the kind words in the twitch chat!