PRO100 announces the opening of the composition of Fortnite. Represent our organization in the new discipline will be 20-year-old Egor "zwees" Novikov and 15-year-old Dima "kONDRAT" Kondratiev. At the moment, the children will have a trial period of three months


CEO / Founder of the organization pro100 Kharkovsky Mikhail:

"The arrival of our team in Fortnite was planned for a long time, preparation for it was going on for a long time. We have great expectations both for the discipline itself and for the guys that we have already signed. Egor and Dima consistently showed high results in many tournaments in the CIS even before joining pro100!

The guys are young and ready to win. "


Dima "kONDRAT" Kondratiev: "I want to express my deep gratitude to the organization PRO100 for the opportunity to show and show off!
We will train and play as much as possible to become the best in this business! ".

Egor "zwees" Novikov: "I'm very proud to have become part of such a wonderful organization as PRO100! We have really big plans for realizing our potentials and we will try every day to become the best in our business! I want to express my great gratitude to all those who followed us and supported us! Thanks to all!".