The first match against the Nemiga team!

We lose to the team Nemiga on the first map with the score [4-16]
Next map Overpass!

Unfortunately we lose on the second map to the team Nemiga with the score [9-16]
Map account 2-0 in favor of Nemiga
We expect the seeding of teams [1-1]

Our second rival, eL'quvet

We defeate on the first map the team eL'quvet with the score [16-4]
Next map is Nuke!
Full list of maps: Mirage; Nuke; Inferno

eL'quvet were a little stronger on the second map and beat us with the score [14-16]
The decisive map will be Inferno!

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We take the last map with an account [16-13]
We finish today's game day with the score [2-1]
We will know the opponent closer to dinner!
Thanks to everyone who attended the server through GOTV!