We welcome two new players of Alexander "MooN" Malyshev and Daniel 'BusterTravel' Kislyak! They will replace Grishkapower and Arcway.

Comments COO / Founder of the organization pro100 Nesvit Bogdan:
We wish success to our former players and are confident that they will be able to find themselves. These are worthy players, who, with due work, will certainly achieve success.
In the fact that we have not worked together, there is a general flaw, and we do not absolve ourselves of responsibility. But the changes in our team are dictated by the decision of the team. The guys wanted to change something, and, together with the manager of the team, they came to the conclusion that it would be better. We, as leaders, supported them.
Of course, we are happy to welcome our new players. They passed a certain period of testing, after which it became clear that we have all the chances to work together. The first steps have already been made, the tempo is set, it is necessary to hold it and justify the general expectations.
Welcome to our family!

Comments of new players!
I'm very happy to be a part of such an organization as PRO100! We will soon begin tournaments where we will try to prove ourselves in full force! Ahead is a lot of work. I do not want to be unfounded, but we with the team are determined. Thanks to everyone who supports me!

Thanks to PRO100 for the chance to perform under the banners of their organization! As my friend "MooN" has already said, very soon we have tournaments, so keep an eye on all the information in the PRO100 group and in our social network. networks!