Tonight, while everyone was asleep, Valve rolled out an update that would remove Cache from the tournament pool.

Now players will play on Vertigo. Also, the developers have added a musical set of music set "EZ4ENCE", as well as a new capsule with stickers and fixed some bugs, more details below:

- Vertigo has been moved from the Reserves Group to the Active Duty Group.
- Cache was moved from Active Duty Group to Reserves Group.

- Added a new set of music "EZ4ENCE" from The Verkkars.
- Added new capsule with stickers "Wild Predators".


- Grenades will no longer be prokidyvat through closed doors.
- Players will no longer be able to pick up weapons through walls or without direct visibility.

- Added new cover at the bottom of the mida.
- The defense player base has been slightly moved.
- Changed priority spawn points.
- Added corner railings for parapet at point “B”.
- Blocked double boost on top of the coils on the base of the players protection.
- Blocked the corner of the wall on the descent from the bottom ladder of point “B” towards the base of the attackers' players.
- Changed the staircase leading from the base of terrorists to point "B".
- Slightly changed the layout of the base players attack.
- Updated target models on patents.
- Damage taken in the elevator shaft is now shown in the damage statistics.

The developers noted that Cache will return to the list of tournament cards after it has been processed.