We welcome the new fighter in the ranks of the PRO100!
Today Mareks "Yekindar" Galinskis officially becomes part of our team!

CEO comment for pro100 Kharkiv Mikhail:
We believe in it, so we signed a long-term contract. He perfectly joined the team and in a short time began to demonstrate an excellent game. Now on paper we have the strongest composition in recent years, it remains to confirm this in practice.

Comment COO of the organization pro100 Nesvit Bogdan:
We are pleased to welcome Marek to the team! We are confident that he and his experience will strengthen our composition, and our team will become more balanced and be able to achieve their goals. The latest results of the guys were able to prove to themselves that this composition has great potential. The only thing left is to implement it in practice.


Comment from YEKINDAR'a:

I wandered for a long time after leaving the EPG, tried different teams and European and CIS countries, where: then the contract is bad, somewhere the composition is not the same, and in general there were difficulties to choose, since my career depends on it. In the end, I found a composition in which I see a prospect, and which showed a good level without me. But now with the updated composition, I feel that we will play and break into 30 tons. I even won a trip to Bangkok and I am very happy about it, and this is just the beginning.

As they say Latvians - Uzpriekšu Pro100!

Let's welcome and support Mareks!
Group Yekindar'a: https://vk.com/yekindararmy