Today our sponsor changes to Same people who will support us with the help of another project.

What will we see on Dmarket now?

Dmarket is a universal platform for selling and buying in-game items on the blockchain technology and smart contracts. With the help of blockchain, virtual items of 2 billion gamers will enter the world economy. Players put in their time, experience and even luck in a daily race for virtual items, but only 6% of them have a chance to monetize their work. How do we help those billions of players that are left? How do we give any virtual item real world value and open it for sale on the world market? Dmarket transforms virtual items into valuable assets.

What can you do with the help of Dmarket?

Our service will allow players for any game and any platform to value their virtual assets, sell them or trade them with each other. All of this in one click. The blockchain technology will ensure 100% safety and will become a universal trade route between gaming worlds. Main currency of the free market economy – Dmarket Token.

Short video from the team pro100: