Dear pro100 fans, we’re happy to announce our new team sponsor.

Please welcome Eloplay eSports platform. That’s quite a new project and we’re up to grow and achieve wins together.

Eloplay is made for everyone who’s up to participate tournaments as a player or as a team. You can play quick battles and pump your rating. And you can also challenge others in duels.

The platform supports Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota2 and Hearthstone. Eloplay plans to continuously increase the number of supported disciplines.

But the most amazing thing is that Eloplay creates a cryptocurrency for eSports! Now every player can win rewards and pay with own cryptocurrency.

Today anyone can have that new cryptocurrency. Just visit Eloplay tokensale website.

Too many people never believed in blockchain or crypto. They laughed at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Nowadays even banks implement blockchain technologies and the price of cryptocurrencies raised thousands times. Now they understand how wrong they were and that it is time to join the world of blockchain. You have this chance too. Join new esports cryptocurrency from Eloplay.