Hello Sergey. Congratulations again on advancing to the CIS Minor! How are you preparing for it?
We're practicing a lot. We have a very organized training process with an extremely intense schedule, and all of us are trying our best, which I think will pay off at the event. On average we are practicing 10-12 hours a day. 

In pro100 people like your coach F_1N, analyst ceh9 and of course president of the organization Zeus are helping you. Each of them puts their experience into your development. How did the practice process change after you joined pro100? And how are they helping you?
Of course it changed, thanks to these people and their experience in the field that they share with us, helping us take our game to the next level. And of course we listen to them and learn from what they say, it gives us a special boost.

Кого вы уже можете победить?  What can you say in regards to your last games at the closed qualifier? How well was the team prepared back then? Against who do you think you can win at this point?
I won't say who we can win against or who we can't win, but it needs to be pointed out that at the Minor there are no favorites or outsiders. Nobody can predict the results of the upcoming tournament. Regarding the qualification, I can say that we didn't show our best game, but we know our issues and are working on fixing them. In the game against Tengri we were very nervous, because it was the match for advancing to the Minor. We couldn't recognize ourselves. I personally was this tense for the first time in my life.

If it's not a secret, what are you doing in your free time from practice? Or do you just go practice - sleep - practice?
It's pretty much like that. Added tot hat me, crush and kENZOR have issues with school because we spend so much time on practice, but back to the topic, it's how you said: sleep – practice – sleep – practice.

What would you recommend to the young players if they want to boost their individual skill?
Ask yourself and others less, and just work on yourself. Don't make weird things up in your head, about who broke out into the scene and how. Just pay less attention to others, look after yourself and keep progressing.

What did you remember the most in your esports career so far?
I remembered the WESG trip to China very well. The event had a big prize pool of over $1.500.000. I also remember a very nice tournament - SL i-League. Second one I think, in the national palace "Ukraine" when I played for HellRaisers. Maybe something else as well, but I remember these two the most so far.

What is your current personal goal?
Right now I want my team to get to the top-30 ranking in the world

Huge thanks for the interview!