Today we are happy to announce that two young and talented players in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS are joining our squad. Welcome Ruslan «Frankario» Salakhturdinov and Alexander «crab1k» Poznyakov. Both Ruslan and Alexander played CS:GO for a long time, but switched to PUBG after it released. They are currently a top5 duo in the NA ladder.

Comment from Ruslan «Frankario» Slakhturdinov and Alexander «crab1k» Poznyakov: 

We are very happy to join the organization and will try our best to meet and exceed all expectations. Currently we are doing everything to show solid results at tournaments. We want to thank pro100 for their hospitality and for giving us a chance to show ourselves and to improve under the tag of such a well-known organization. We are currently searching for 2 more players, which will set out with us into the world of esports, and we will try to personally look over all applications. Thanks!

CEO/Founder of pro100 Mikhail Kharkovsky: 

We are very happy to announce our PUBG roster. It’s a very important step for us. The short term goal for this roster is to become the best in CIS and fight for worldwide respect.

COO/Founder of pro100 Bogdan Nesvit:

PUBG is a brand new esports game with high potential.

Regarding to recent studies, around 70% of the CIS audience prefers to follow the esports scene of «shooter» game genre, and around 76% of gamers personally play these games.

The PUBG audience is very similar to the one in CS:GO, the new discipline fits into our development strategy extremely well. I am sure that our supporters and fan will be interested to follow the games of our new roster.

Regarding the roster itself, the guys showed themselves as professionals, so we are happy that they are a part of our organization. We’re confident they can reach great results!

And now, the recruitment form
We are scouting for two riflers to finish off the squad. If you’ve been playing PUBG for a long time and understand all the details of the game, and also reached some results, you can send your application using this Google form.