Today we are proud to announce that one of the oldest tags in the CIS and worldwide Esports is coming back. ЭThe team was founded in the year 2001 in Kharkiv and stopped being active in late 2007.

Key achievements of PRO100 throughout their active period:

Legendary PRO100 roster during 2003-2007:

The PRO100 tag is well-known to the Counter-Strike fans

Comments by the PRO100 President Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko:

Yes, PRO100 is back. I hope this news is as exciting to the fans of this team as it is to me. I've played under this tag for a long time and it's comeback has been my dream for many years. There are many well-known personalities in the organization, but who - should stay a secret for now. Soon I will give an expansive interview where all details will be unveiled. 

In what disciplines will PRO100 have teams? What are the rosters of the teams? All of these questions will be revealed in the near future.